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The Encore Handpiece

Update-December 2016: We are sorry to report that we are not able to repair Encore handpieces at this time.

However, we still have some Encore items for sale upon request such as cleaning solution, chucks, burr tools etc...

Ask about multiple item discounts on these items.


A brief history:

The Encore dental hand piece was the most successful and sought after hand piece in the 1960's and was used in many of the major dental schools as well as branches of the military.  In 1977, the Luckman Corporation purchased and revived the Encore hand piece.  After rebuilding the tools from the ground up, they were better than ever.  They were completely re-tooled, every part tightened and tolerances reduced where required.  Luckman revitalized many repair and manufacturing techniques that were lost through the decades and added several techniques and design changes which resulted in a product that was superior to the original.

The Encore 403 air bearing hand piece is the workhorse for a properly equipped dental operatory.

The Encore Dentistry Handpiece

Important considerations:

The Encore 403, when properly installed, will outperform many pieces on the market today in terms of speed and torque. It can remove more bulk material faster and is the only hand piece capable of repairing a full crown in one and a half minutes.  It is a must-have tool for dentists doing crown and bridge work or who are interested in higher productivity coupled with a much higher degree of patient comfort.

There are dentist who continue to use the Encore line exclusively because of impaired hearing that was caused using ball-bearing air-turbine hand pieces.  This could be a significant point,  although we can only offer unsolicited testimonials. Either way, the Encore air-bearing system has performance at its core.

Some pertinent data:

  • The connection assembly only fits the Encore.
  • Every Encore installation should include the 4308 filter in the hand piece tubing.
  • We suggest the running pressure to be 70 to 80 PSI for best results. This provides adequate speed  for any cutting procedure so that the time on the tooth can be determined by the dentist and not dictated by the hand piece.
  • Running pressures in excess of 80 PSI do not contribute appreciably to hand piece performance or speed but does increase the sound level.
  • You will require 95 to 100 PSI static pressure to maintain 80 pounds of running pressure.
  • The hand piece uses approximately 1 cubic foot of air per minute at normal running pressure.
  • The hand piece has a free-running RPM of 550,000.  This is the result of properly designed air bearings and patented turbine blades.
  • It requires clean, dry, oil-free air.
  • The hand piece should never be lubricated for use, as the bearings work on a cushion of air.
  • The Encore runs cool and would continue to do so even if it ran continuously for hours, days or weeks.
  • It is important to clean the hand piece at the end of each day's use.  This is particularly critical when the tool is new, and the bearing cones continue to burnish the bearing surface each time the tool is shut down.
  • After cleaning, store the hand piece in a vertical position with the head up and burr removed.

In addition:

The hand piece should never be actuated “instant on” and “instant off” as with a popper valve. The turbine rides on a film of air. It loses that film and comes out of orbit when the air pressure reaches a range of 8 to 12 pounds. From that point on, the cones are rubbing and burnishing the bearings. Since coming out of orbit is a function of air pressure, the faster the air pressure is lost, the higher the turbine speed when the air film is lost. This contributes to more rapid bearing wear.

Overloading of the hand piece can cause the lower cone and bearing to make contact at high speed. This generally happens when lower air pressures are used, and the dentist does not use a light touch technique. Since the hand piece cuts so efficiently, it is not necessary to force the tool to work. A lighter touch can actually result in better performance and faster cutting while extending turbine life.

An out-of-balance turbine is generally caused by a bad burr or worn chuck but can also result from an improperly installed burr or chuck.  This can result in a chirping sound that indicates the bearing cone  is making contact with the bearing surface at extremely high speed. If replacing the burr and/or the chuck does not eliminate this, the hand piece should be returned to us for refurbishing. Never continue to run a chirping tool.

Technical Specifications:

  • Recommended running pressure: 70 to 80 PSI
  • Air volume usage: 1 cubic foot per minute at 80 PSI
  • Lubrication: NOT Required
  • Free-running RPM at 80 PSI: 550,000
  • Noise level: Extremely low
  • Service required: Regular cleaning
  • Approximate service life between maintenance/repairs: 12-18 months
  • Total life expectancy: Indefinite with proper use and maintenance
  • Air required: High quality, filtered


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