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Luckman LLC, A Legacy in Precision Engineering

As the revitalized Luckman LLC, we would like to introduce our company and serve your needs.  But first, let us tell you how it all got started...

Luckman Fighter PilotThe Luckman story begins with a fighter pilot named Frank Luckman.  Born in Philadelphia, PA in 1923, Frank was a mechanically-inclined and passionate man.  After earning his wings, he transferred to England and joined the 365th Fighter Group.  Eventually attaining the rank of Captain and the position of flight leader, Frank flew many missions from just before D-Day through the end of WWII.  As a pilot, he acquired the nickname “Lucky” and flew dozens of his 103 missions in his beloved P-47 Thunderbolt named “Lucky's Lady.”  By the end of WWII, Frank had been awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Air Medal. Frank's love for the Thunderbolt would remain an integral part of his life.

Luckman Family CrestAfter the war, he worked as a machinist's apprentice while attending Drexel University at night.  He married his wife, Ann, and while flying with reserves, he was once-again called to active duty.  After flying 52 more missions, Frank and Ann returned to Philadelphia where he founded the Luckman Corporation in 1977. Frank had a great engineering mind and an innovative approach.  By combining that innovation and his mechanical know-how, he was able to develop the T-Bolt III dental air compressor, which has been considered by many dentists to be the best dental compressor ever made. Soon after, he acquired the rights to the Encore dental hand piece, and renewed the product line.  His focus on producing the finest equipment has gained an ardent following among Luckman customers.  He acted as President of the Luckman corporation and worked to supply dental professionals with high quality equipment until his passing in April, 2012. Click here for an article about Frank's generosity and love of our brave military men and women.

In January, 2013, the Luckman corporation changed hands when it was purchased and re-named Luckman LLC.  Dr. John Johnson, DDS had been a satisfied user of Luckman products for many years, and when he learned of Frank Luckman's passing, he acted to prevent the company from fading away.  He built a partnership with others that also have a passion for developing and producing the best products while realizing the vision of Frank Luckman.  Together, the members of Luckman LLC wish to provide customers with the highest quality products and service. 

Continuing the Luckman legacy, we look forward to serving you...

A look back at a few of the older T-Bolt III compressor models


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